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Horse Treadmills | Horse Walkers | Nationwide

Freedom Horse Products is a nationwide business that provides you with sturdy, American-made horse treadmills and horse walkers to maintain your horses' healthy lifestyle. 

Freedom Walker
Horse Walker

 Now, no more tying horses. With the Freedom Walker you have full free-flow dividers to separate your horses so they can execute walk out procedures in a calm and safe manner.The Freedom Walker features a heavy duty variable-speed motor that ranges from 0 to 12mph controlled by you on the electronic control panel that also mandates forward, stop and reverse. And the portable steel fence is included! 

Free Flow Dividers
Free Flow Divider
(full rubber dividers optional)
(50' diameter)
(Requires Concrete Pad)


Easy Walker

4 HORSE MODEL HORSE WALKER - 28' to 40'diameter

If a hot walker is what you’re looking for, the Easy Walker from Freedom Horse Products is what you need.  This horse walker has a heavy duty variable speed motor that goes from 0 to 8mph which is controlled by a barn mounted control panel that also includes settings for forward, stop and reverse.  It also features a quick-release safety cable should a horse become spooked, a completely enclosed cabinet, it can be ordered with custom length arms from 14’ to 20’, and it’s affordable and easy to maintain.

(Requires 52" x 52" Concrete Pad.)


This walker has virtually all the features of the FREEDOM WALKER but it’s made for miniature horses. It’s a 5 horse model that is 28’ in diameter with a heavy duty 2 HP Motor. It also features variable speed from 0 - 12 MPH. The electronic control panel has forward, reverse, stop and speed control. The construction consists of full dividers and portable steel fence which is all included.

 (Requires concrete pad)